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It matters more to make it in next life

EVERY year, the 10th day of Zulhijjah in the Islamic calendar is observed as the Festival of Sacrifice, or Hari Raya Aidiladha. This festival is celebrated by Muslims in remembrance and commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son Ishmael.

This act of obedience is a symbol of Abraham’s faith and loyalty to God, while believing that there would be reasons and rewards for his sacrifice. It is also during this celebration that sheep, cows, goats, buffaloes and camels are slaughtered to signify the sacrifice of the abovementioned prophets.

While others observe the day by sacrificing animals, performing prayers, donating to the poor and needy, and gathering with family and friends, Haj pilgrims are the ones who truly feel the meaning of Aidiladha.

Their willingness, readiness and jihad, or the act of striving in the name of religion, to perform rituals of haj and devote themselves to God in the holy land is noble in the eyes of God.

They sacrifice their time and money and leave their loved ones and worldly pleasures for the sake of His blessings and forgiveness.

As for the rest of us, we should ask ourselves whether we are willing to sacrifice and turn over a new leaf as we strive to become better persons.

To change from bad to good, or good to better, is not a problem to many. However, it is the persistence and the determination to continue to be a better person that is the real challenge that some are unable to take.

People need to learn to sacrifice for the right reasons.
In conjunction with this special day, let us make the celebration more than just another commemorative festival that reunites family members and acquaintances.

We should reflect on the past, rethink actions and decisions, return to the right way of life and cleanse the heart, mind and soul.

These sacrifices, however, need motivation, confidence and patience to ensure that the changes will not be seasonal but eternal.

People need to learn to sacrifice for the right reasons. The fact that some sacrifice their dignity, family, country and education for temporary satisfaction, is disappointing.

Little do they know that their sacrifices have killed their potential, hope and spirit to succeed and become good members of society.

Such individuals continue to create problems as they get involved in immoral and criminal activities. Their inability to love themselves makes it hard for them to love and appreciate others and respect their rights.

The difference between right and wrong sacrifice lies in the attitudes, personalities and lifestyles they live with, the strong values they uphold and the way they treat others.

Genuine sacrifice will help them open their eyes, hearts and minds to changes, while selfish sacrifices will keep them blind and deaf to noble acts, good deeds and useful advice. It matters to live happily in this life, but it matters more to make it in the next life.
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