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Friday Sermon Text: Paradise Awaits You

Friday Sermon Text 22 April 2016AD / 14 Rejab 1437H JAWI

Paradise Awaits You

There is no man in this world who has never heard of the word Paradise. In fact, just ask anyone, they all want to enter Paradise, whether they are Believers or not. But, there are many questions: What is the nature of Paradise? Who is the real owner of Paradise? Who will inhabit it? Most importantly, what are the practices and preparations that need to be done to enter / reach it?

Paradise is the symbolic culmination of all favours granted by Allah SWT upon His servants. This is stated by Allah SWT in Surah al-Rad, verse 35, which was read at the beginning of this sermon and has the following meaning: “The example of Paradise, which the Righteous have been promised, is [that] beneath it rivers flow. Its fruit is lasting, and (so are) its shade. That is the consequence for the Righteous, and the consequence for the disbelievers is the Fire.”

In order to be granted the reward of Paradise.

First: Not to associate Allah SWT with anything is the main condition to be a member of Paradise Paradise is a gift from Allah SWT to His most obedient servants. Basic obedience to Allah SWT is true faith, as taught by Rasulullah SAW through a hadith narrated by Imam al-Bukhari based on a report by Anas bin Malik RA: Which means: "The Prophet SAW said to Mu'adh bin Jabal; those who meet Allah (in death) with the condition of not associating anything with Him, (then) he will enter Paradise."

Second: Adhere strongly to the Al-Quran and the Sunnah of Rasullullah SAW Rasullullah SAW’s mission to the people is an enormous blessing from Allah SWT. Rasulullah SAW said, through the hadith narrated by Imam al-Bukhari, based on a report by Abu Hurairah RA: َّ هِ وَمَ ْن يَْأبَى قَا َل مَ ْن َأ َطاعَنِي دَخَ سو َل الل وا يَا رَ ُ ُ ونَ ا ْلجَّنَ ةَِإَّل ا مَ ْن َأبَى قَال ُ ل ُ ُُ ل أ َل ا ْلجَّنَ ةَ َُّم تِي يَْدخ ك وَمَ ْن عَ َصانِي فَقَ ْد َأبَى Which means: "All of my Ummah (people) will enter Paradise except those who refuse. They (the Companions) asked: O Messenger of Allah, and who does not? He replied: Whoever obeys will enter Paradise and those who reject it, he is refused."

Third: Always maintain good relations among people Islam is a religion with inherent qualities of mind and character that can solve all human issues, whether in the form of social depravity, immorality, spread of slander and so on.

This is what can be understood from the hadith of Rasullullah SAW, as narrated by Imam Muslim and reported by Abu Hurairah RA: ُ بَوَائِقَه ُ ه ُ ن جَار ل ا ْلجَّنَ ةَمَ ْن لَا يَْأمَ ُ ُ ُ لَا يَْدخ Which means: “He who creates discontentment and uneasiness among his neighbours shall not enter Paradise.”

To conclude today’s sermon, the khatib would like to formulate and conclude on these matters so that we can easily take it as reminders for ourselves:

First: Paradise belongs to Allah SWT and is bestowed upon the most blessed and selected among His servants.

Second: Following and obeying the teachings of Rasullullah SAW is the key requirement for achieving the Paradise of Allah SWT.

Third: Instil faith and love for Paradise in our children from a very young age, because it will encourage them to do good deeds in life.

Let us appreciate and promote these ideals in us, as stated by Allah SWT in Surah al-Zumar, verse 73:  Which means: “And those who feared their Lord will be led to the Garden in crowds: until behold they arrive there; its gates will be opened: and its Keepers will say: Peace be upon you! You have done well! Enter here to dwell therein.”

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