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Friday Sermon Text Together In Preserving Our Nation’s Peace

Friday Sermon Text 24 March 2017AD JAWI

Together In Preserving Our Nation’s Peace

On 25th of March each year, our nation celebrates Police Day, to commemorate the dedication and sacrifices made by members of the police force in maintaining peace and security.

jawi_logo.jpgPeace and security that exist in a country are priceless gifts and blessings from Allah SWT. It goes without saying that every country in the world dreams of a prosperous environment, structured administration, its citizens living in harmony, a welldeveloped economy, and neighbouring countries which share its ideas of peace and security.

In the early days of Islam, Rasulullah SAW appointed al-'āmil al-Suq (Market Officer) or Sahib al-Suq (Market Supervisor) who were responsible in supervising and monitoring businesses as well as determining weights and measures in all transactions. Among them, he appointed Sa'id bin Sa'id bin al-'As to take care of businesses in Makkah, and Samra bint al-Shik Asadiyyah in Madinah. Such assignments and roles were known as Hisbah.

Muhammad bin Abdul Qadir al-Mubarak said that the Hisbah was a regulatory agency established by the government to monitor the activities of individuals in matters pertaining to moral, religious, economic and social life in general, with the aim of maintaining justice and dignity as laid down by Islamic law, matching the given environment and time.

Present day Islamic countries no longer uses the term muhtasib or Hisbah for an institution tasked to ensure people comply with rules and laws, but they use terms like syurtah or police.

Allah SWT in Surah Ali 'Imran, verse 104, which was read at the beginning of this sermon, with the following meanings: “Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.”

According to Imam Ibn Kathir r.h., the intended meaning of this verse is: "There shall be a group of people from the community to take charge of such matter, even though it is obligated upon each individual of the Ummah."

As security personnel, the police are the focus of the society as well as the society’s point of reference. Therefore, the image displayed should be in the shape of qudwah, or icons, who can be taken as a role model for the society.

Apart from that, the nature and attitude that needs to be highlighted in the community is trustworthiness and integrity in carrying out assigned tasks. An image that exhibits honesty, sincerity, precision, courage, firmness and friendliness in carrying out such responsibilities will make the profession of a policeman to be held in high esteem by the society.

Imam al-Bayhaqi in his book al-Iman Shu'ab, recorded a hadith which was narrated by Aishah RA, where Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said: ُّ ب ِإَّ ن ا ِإذَا عَمِ يحِ ُ تَعَالَى َ ُ تْقِنَه ُ ا َأ ْن ي ً ُكُ ْم عَمَل ّٰ ه َل َأحَد لل Which means: “Allah is pleased with the person who, when he performs a deed, he executes it with excellence.”

Among the issues that has become apparent in our society lately is the lack of respect for duties performed by the police force as guardian of the nation’s security. There are those who do not cooperate with the police when they are required to, to the point of deceiving the police by making false distress calls, disobeying the orders of officers in charge, cursing them, and offering bribes. There are also those who knowingly make false statements and use police reports for personal gains, such as illegally raising funds, deceiving the public and others.

To conclude the sermon today, the khatib would like to present the takeaways for us to reflect upon:

First: The police force is the most important institution in ensuring harmony and prosperity of a nation.

Second: Implementing what is right and forbidding evil (amar makruf, nahi mungkar) is one of the duties of the police force as a role model for the community.

Third: The society should always support and cooperate with the police force in order to maintain national security.

Let us reflect upon the words of Allah SWT in Surah al-Haj, verse 41: Which means: “(They are) those who, if We establish them in the land, establish regular prayer and give regular charity, enjoin the right and forbid wrong: with Allah rests the end (and decision) of (all) affairs.”
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