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Friday Sermon Text : Protect The Rights Of Children

15 December 2017AD / 26 Rabiulawal 1439H JAWI

Protect The Rights Of Children

A child is considered an award and a trust bestowed  by Allah SWT upon His  servants. Therefore,  it is  our  responsibility  to  ensure  the  rights  and welfare of the child are always upheld.

jawi_logo.jpgOur children shall also inherit this nation and develop the future of Islam A child is considered an award and a trust bestowed by Allah SWT upon His  servants.

Therefore,  it  is  our  responsibility  to  ensure  the  rights  and welfare of the child are always upheld.  Our children shall also inherit this nation  and develop the future of Islam.

In  general,  in  Islam children are  referred  to as persons who have not reached puberty. It is It is determined by factors of nature or age.

However, in the Malaysian context, children are defined as persons under the age of 18 as prescribed in the Child Act 2001, and such definition also applies internationally.

No  matter  what definition is used,  the  protection  and development of a child is always dependent upon an adult.

The  Words of Allah  SWT, read  at  the  beginning  of  this  sermon,  were from  Surah  al-Syu'ara ', verses 132 to 135 , and have the following meanings: Which means: “And fear He who provided you with that which you know, provided  you  with  grazing  livestock  and  children, and gardens  and springs. Indeed, I (Prophet Hud) fear for you the punishment of a terrible day."

The verse suggests that all the awards of Allah SWT to us in the form of  knowledge,  livestock,  farms,  springs  and  others, including  children, are mere tests for us.

They either lead us to have conviction in Allah SWT or otherwise. Their rights must be fulfilled and given due attention. Islam is very concerned with benefits related to children.

Imam Ahmad r.h. recorded  a hadiths , narrated  by Abdullah  ibn  'Amr RA, where Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said The person who does not (shows feelings of) compassion towards our children and does not know how to (discharge) the rights of  our parents, then he is not from  among us."

All  parties  should  be  aware  of and  play, their role to  ensure children are always protected and safeguarded from any form of neglect, abuse,  discrimination  and  exploitation, which will  affect their  growing process.

 Children also have the same  rights  as  adults, which  has to  be respected,  such  as  the  right  to  personal  confidentiality, not to  be humiliated  in public,  and  not to  be physically,  mentally or emotionally abused

Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said "O little boy, would you allow me to give this drink to the Elders ?" The child replied: "I will not put anybody else ahead of me, but you, O Messenger of Allah." With that, Rasulullah SAW gave the drink to  the boy

Islam  is  a peaceful religion  and  it  prohibits anyone from  hurting  others without any reason, especially children.

Child abuse is a form of serious violation  of  the  rights  of  children  to  develop  in  a  healthy  and  dignified environment.

Abuse  can  occur  in  the  form  of  physical,  emotional  and sexual. Children are like a piece of white cloth and it is the responsibility of parents or  guardians  to colour them.

Imam al-Bukhari r.h. recorded a hadith narrated byAbu Hurairah RA that Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said  "Every child is born in a state of fitrah (Islam). Then, both mother  and  father  will  make  the  child  Jewish, Christian,  or Zoroastrian, like livestock giving birth to the perfect animal. Do you see any defects in him?"

Education is an extremely important aspect in shaping the personality, talent, mental and physical abilities of children. Therefore, each of them has the right to be given the opportunity to obtain normal education without any discrimination.

Children are indeed dependent on adults in all aspects of life. Parents are Responsible and are the primary examples for children.

Treat them with love and respect.  Make sure their needs in life are balanced and adequately provided

The conclusions that can be drawn from today's sermon are:

First: Children are the blessings of Allah SWT as they are our heirs and the continuation of our legacy.

Second: Children are entitled to care, education, safety and more.

Third: Leaders and communities also play a big role in defending and protecting children.

Let us all reflect upon the words of Allah SWT in Surah at-Tur, verse 21: “And  those  who  believed  and  whose  descendants followed them in faith, We will join with them their descendants, and We will not deprive them of anything of their deeds. Every person, for what he earned, is retained.
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