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Friday Sermon Text Resolution And Hope

Friday Sermon Text  5 January 2018AD / 17 Rabiulakhir 1439H JAWI

Resolution And Hope

The  years  go  by,  we  continue  to  age,  and  our  physical  abilities  tend  to  diminish. Nevertheless, the passing of time and the increase in age are not reasons for us to give up, and to let things happen without any effort to change.

jawi_logo.jpgA Muslim should aim for what is good for himself, his family and  his  community.  In  fact,  we  are  encouraged  to  continue  doing  good deeds without having regard to the time.

In a hadith narrated by Ahmad, Anas bin Malik RA reported that Rasulullah SAW had said: Which  means: “If  the  end  of  the  world  is  about  to  happen,  but  in  the hand  of  one  of  you  is  the  seed  of  a  date  palm,  if  he  is  able  to  plant  it before the end comes then he should do so”.

At  the  beginning  of  each  year  we  are  always  reminded  to  have  a  new year’s resolve. Each of us, young or old, rich or poor, would surely have a  resolve,  or  a  dream,  which we  want  to  achieve.  A  resolve  is  a  very strong  desire,  want,  or  ambition  to  gain  or  to  achieve  something.  It becomes  an  encouragement  for  each  individual  to  achieve  what  has been  longed  for.
Therefore,  take  advantage  of  our  age,  life,  health, fortune  and  free  time  bestowed  by  Allah  SWT  to  realise  our  goals  in order  to  attain  what  is  good  in  this  life,  as  well  as  in  the  afterlife.

 In  a hadith narrated by Ahmad, Abd Al -Rahman bin Abi Bakrah reported from his father the following : Which  means: “A  man asked:  O,  Rasulullah,  who is a good human being? The Prophet answered: Those with long life and performing good deeds. The man then asked: Then, who is the worst human being? The Prophet answered: Those with long life and performing bad deeds.”

Al-Tayyibi RH, in the book Tuhfat al-Ahwazi, in elaborating on the hadith just now, said: "Indeed, time is like a commodity to the trader and so he should  utilise  it  to  generate  profits.  The  bigger  his  capital,  the  more would  be  his  profits.  Whoever  utilises  his  life  well  by  performing  good deeds,  then  he  would  surely  be  successful.  But,  those who  lose  their capital  by  squandering  the  time  given,  then  surely  he  is  unsuccessful and faces great loss."

Al-Habib Abdullah bin ‘Alawi al-Haddad stated in his book, an-Nasaih al-Diniyyah  wal-Wasaya  al-Imaniyyah, that  mankind,  in  managing  their resolve or aspirations, is divided into three groups:

The first group: Those of our forefathers, among the prophets and the truthful, who do not have worldly aspirations. They await their moment of death  with  gladness,  and  prepare  themselves  for  the  afterlife  with obedience and submission to the commandments of Allah SWT.

The  second  group: Those  in  the  middle  level  who  do  good  and  obey. They have aspirations but are not side -tracked from obeying Allah SWT and the preparation for the afterlife. But, members of this group are not like members of the first group who focus more on the afterlife.

The  third  group: Those  who  are  taken  in,  and  become  idiots,  due  to their great daydreams, to the point of forgetting about their afterlife. They forget  about  death,  they  love  their  worldly  fortunes,  amass  wealth,  and are continuously pre-occupied with this life.

Allah SWT declared in surah Taha,verse 131: Which  means:“Nor  strain  your  eyes  in  longing  for the things We  have given  for  enjoyment  to  parties  of  them,  the  splendour  of  the  life  of  this world,  through  which  We  test  them:  but  the  provision  of  your  Lord  is better and more enduring".

What  has  been  stated  just  now  does  not  mean  it  is  wrong  to  have resolutions  and  to  make  attempts  to  achieve  our  aspirations.  This  is because  each person  has  his  own  responsibilities  and  rights  which  has to be fulfilled, be it for himself, his wife or his family. But, in reaching for our  own  interests,  needs  and  preparation  in this  world,  let  us  never forget  the  actions,  the  preparations  and  the  needs  for  happiness  in  the Hereafter.  Indeed,  what  is  with  Allah  SWT  would  surely  be  better  and everlasting for the faithful and who surrender fully to their Lord.

Fellow Muslim blessed by Allah, Mankind has been given the ability and the freedom to choose how they are to colour their lives be it in this world or in the Hereafter, in line with what they desire.

Therefore, the following are some of the matters which we  must  understand  in attaining  our  goals,  chasing  our  dreams  and reaching for the stars.

First: Assess  our  self,  analyse  and  correct  whatever  wrongs  we  have committed. Indeed, no one is perfect, no one is devoid of mistakes, and the best among those who have done wrong are those who would like to atone  for  such  mistakes  and  improve  themselves.  Indeed,  blunders  or mistakes of the past are factors that could help us to attain greatness in all aspects of our career and life.

Second: Building  resolve  and  intent  for  the  sake  of  Allah  SWT.  Our intent determines the  value of our action, whether what is worked upon shall   be   considered   an   act   of   worship   or   otherwise.   Our   intent determines whether our action matches what is required by Islam, which in turn may invoke the blessings of Allah SWT.

Third: Our    resolve    and    determination    to    make    changes    and improvements  to  all  areas,  be  it  our  career,  finances  or  health.  Indeed, mukmins who have a positive mindset is very much liked by Allah SWT.

In   a   hadith   narrated   by   Muslim,   Abu   Hurairah   RA   reported   that Rasulullah SAW had said: Which means:“A strong Mukmin is better and more loved by Allah SWT than  a  weak  mukmin;  but  there  is  good  in  each  of  them.  Put  your  hard work into getting what is to benefit you, and ask for the assistance from Allah SWT, and never, ever, feel weak.”

Fourth: Preserving the relationship with Allah SWT and with other fellow man.  Indeed,  all  worldly  affairs  are  not  devoid  of  the  reason  why mankind  was  created,  namely  to  attain  the  acceptance  of  Allah  SWT.

Therefore, a mukmin must focus all his efforts for Allah SWT alone, and must always ask for His as sistance and guidance. The same also goes when  dealing  with  fellow  man.  Therefore,  have  the  proper  resolve  and intent  to  benefit  everyone.  If  we  want  to  be  a  good  person,  and  be successful  in  all  our  endeavours,  we  must  resolve  that  whatever  good derived  from  our  actions  shall  be  for  the  benefit  and  happiness  of  our wife, children and family.

Fellow Muslims blessed by Allah, To   conclude   the   sermon   today,   let   us   remember   the   following takeaways:

First: Our resolve and our ambitions are the goals or targets which we  aim  to  achieve  and  they  should  match  the  requirements of Islam.

Second: Whatever  improvements  planned  in  the  life  of  a mukmin must  follow  the  tenets  and  the  principles  of  Islam,  so  that  a good future is guaranteed, and he is contented and happy in this world and in the Hereafter.

Third: Fortunate indeed for those whose days march towards good and  they  get  closer  to  their  Lord.  On  the  other  hand,  woe indeed for those whose days march towards evil, and would invite the wrath of their Lord.

Allah SWT declared in surah Al-Qasas verse 77: Which  means: “ But  seek,  with  the  (wealth)  which  Allah  has  bestowed on you, the Home of the Hereafter, nor forget your portion in this world: but  do  you  good,  as  Allah  has  been  good  to  you,  and  seek  not (occasions  for)  mischief  in  the  land:  for  Allah  loves  not  those  who  do mischief."
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