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Friday Sermon Text: Spread The Salam, Establish Relations

Friday Sermon text: 26 January 2018AD / 8 Jamadilawal 1439H JAWI

Spread The Salam, Establish Relations

Islam  is  a  religion  that  greatly  upholds  manners  and  cooperation  among fellow  Muslims.

jawi_logo.jpgSalams or greetings  is  a  common  practice  among  Muslims that  should  be  uttered  we  meet  people  and  when  we  part  ways  with  them.  However, the action is still rarely practiced by some Muslims. If greetings are offered, it is only confined to the people we know.

This relates to the hadith recorded by Imam al Baihaqi, as narrated by Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud RA, where Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said "Among  the  signs  (approaching)  the  Day  of  Judgment  is  a person who often passes by the mosque but he has never prayed, not even two rak'ahs there and he only greets the person he knows."

Imam Nawawi Rhm has stated the decree in relation to greetings in his book, al-Minhaj, as follows: "Know that offering a greeting is a supplementary deed and responding to the greeting is an obligation”

Greetings  or salaam is  an  advantage  that  Allah SWT  gave  to  the  people of Muhammad  SAW.  This  advantage  allows Muslims  to  be  elevated  by  Allah SWT  both  in  this  world  and  in  the  hereafter. a  hadith  narrated  by  Aisha  RA  and  recorded  by  Imam  Ibn  Majah, where Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said: Which means: "The Jews do not feel as much spite towards you, as much as their spitefulness towards the practice of giving the Salaam and the words of ‘Aamiin’ that you practice.

We  must  recognise  that  the  offering  of salaam shows  the  personality  of  a Muslim  who  is  tawadhu’ (humble)  as well  as being  a  display  of  love  and affection  towards fellow  brothers.  To offer  greetings  is  to  show  the  purity  of the heart that is free from envy, revenge, hatred, arrogance and low regard for  others.

Salaam is  the  right  of  each  Muslims,  as  well  as  the basis  for acknowledging  one  another,  having  closeness  of  the  heart  and  increasing love  and  affection.  It  is  also  a  reason  to  gain  good  and  blessings  for someone to enter paradise. Spreading salaam is one of the ways of reviving the  Sunnah  of  Rasulullah  SAW .

With  regards  to  reviving  the  practice (Sunnah) of offering  salaam among Muslims, it is necessary to know some of  the ethics associated with it, which are as follow:

First: Offer greetings based on the priorities of age and situations

"A younger person should give salaam to an elder person, a by -passer to a seated person and a small group of people to a larger group. (Abu Hurairah RA)

Second: Shake hands and offer greetings when meeting up

“When a believer meets a fellow believer and he greets him with  salaam  and  takes  him  by  the  hand  and  shakes  hands  with  him,  their sins will fall like the leaves of a tree. (Imam  AlTabarani)

Third: Answer a greeting with a better greeting or equal to it

SWT in Surah an -Nisa verse 86: Which means: “When a (courteous) greeting is offered to you, meet it with a greeting  still  more  courteous,  or  (at  least)  of  equal  courtesy.  Allah  takes careful account of all things.”

Fourth: Strive to offer the best of greetings

In a hadith recorded by Imam Tirmizi, a s narrated by Imran bin Husain RA, Rasulullah SAW was reported to have said "Someone
had come to see the Prophet SAW and then said:  "Assalaamu'alaikum."  Imran  said;  The  Prophet  SAW  said:  "For  him,  ten
virtues."    Then    another    came    and    said:    "Assalaamu'alaikum    Wa Rahmatullaah."  And  the  Prophet  SAW said:  "For  him,  twenty virtues."  Then came   an other,   and   said:   "Assalaamu'alaikum   Wa   Rahmatullaahi   Wa Barakaatuh." The Prophet SAW said: "For him, thirty virtues."

In  conclusion,  some  of  the  key  lessons  that  can  be  taken  from  the  sermon this week are:

First: Islam is a religion that greatly upholds manners and cooperation among fellow Muslims.

Second: Greetings  or Salaam depicts  the  purity  of  the  heart  that  is  free from envy, revenge, hatred, pride and despair.

Third: Make  it  a  habit  to  offer  greetings  or salaams when  meeting  up, as it is a Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW and a symbol of Islam that is slowly fading away.

Reflect on the declaration of Allah SWT in Surah an -Nur, verse 27: “O, you who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until  you  have  asked  permission  and  saluted  those  in  them:  that  is  best  for you, in order that you may heed (what is seemly).”
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