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Friday Sermon Text : Divine Words Invigorate The Soul

Friday Sermon Text 1 June 2018AD / 16 Ramadan 1439H JAWI

Divine Words Invigorate The Soul

The Al-Quran is a revelation from Allah SWT to Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is a miracle that can be seen by mankind until today and shall remain until the end of the world. The Al-Quran was sent down by Allah SWT from Lauh Mahfuz to Baitul Izzah (the heavens closest to earth) and thereafter to the Prophet SAW in stages over twenty three (23) years.
The Al-Quran is the holy book that is able to produce a human being that is balanced in every aspect. Among the main role played by the Al-Quran towards mankind is bringing mankind to know Allah SWT. Knowing Allah the One is based on knowledge that is directed by the Al-Quran to form faith that is strong and perfect. Such is the greatness of the Al-Quran. It succeeds in bringing mankind towards knowing who is the one god that we must prostrate to, and obey.

The development of morals is also synonymous with the Al-Quran. Remember the life of the people of Makkah who were uncivilized before the Al-Quran was revealed to Rasulullah SAW. Nevertheless, after its revelation, Makkah was transformed into something virtuous. The status of women was lifted high by Islam. Cheating, oppression and breaches of trust in daily commercial transactions began to reduce. All that illustrates the prominence of the Al-Quran which fast became the underlying supreme constitution of life for all mankind.

Allah SWT declared in Surah Az-Zukhruf, verse 36:“And whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful - We appoint for him a devil, and he is to him a companion.”

As a khalifah, or vicegerent, we have a big role and responsibility towards the Al-Quran. Allocate time for the Al-Quran as much as we can allocate time for other daily activities. Take the opportunity during this month of Ramadan to perform tadarus, or the reading of the Al-Quran in turns with family members and friends. Besides that, celebrate the reading of the Al-Quran with proper tajwid. Let us not disregard the tajwid just because we are in a hurry to finish reading the whole Al-Quran. Strive to tadabbur, or to contemplate on its meanings, and to follow the advice contained within the Al-Quran.

To honour the Al-Quran in our life would surely bring a lot of benefit. Among the direct effects of honouring and loving the Al-Quran is the receipt of blessings in life.

A blessed life is the pursuit of the faithful. Blessings are very important in a persons’ life for it becomes proof of the many bequests and love of Allah SWT for His servant.

The Al-Quran is not merely to be read, but it must be understood, pondered upon, and applied in all aspects of our life. This is the true meaning of observing the Al-Quran.

The Al-Quran is also able to guide our life for those who honour and revere it. The Al-Quran provides guidance to shape our life to be filled with rays of happiness and peace. Besides that, with the blessings of Ramadan, we shall be well protected from being incited and goaded by the ever-damaging syaitan.

In fact, the Al-Quran also acts to intercede for our benefit on the Day of Judgement. When we are all gathered in Mahsyar, the intercession or the assistance would be very much sought after by all mankind. Lucky indeed for those who read the Al-Quran. Such opportunity should be sought by us during Ramadan, which is the month of the Al-Quran.

Imam Muslim R.H. narrated a hadith from Abi Umamah Al-Bahiliy R.A, who reported that Rasulullah SAW had said:“Read the Al-Quran, for indeed it (Al-Quran) shall come on the Day of Judgement and shall act to intercede on behalf of its master (the one who reads it)…”

Ramadan is fast coming to its end. Surely we have strived as best as we could to perform all the obligatory or even the optional acts of worship. Among the many joys we can expect during Ramadan besides fasting, the revelation of the Al-Quran and the night of al-Qadar, is the joy we experience during the breaking of our fast. The Mimbar would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of the congregation today to choose our dishes with moderation and not to be wasteful.

To conclude the sermon today, the following are key takeaways for us to ponder upon:

First: The Al-Quran is the word of Allah SWT revealed to Rasulullah SAW as guidance in this life.

Second: Preserve the Al-Quran by reading, observing, contemplating and performing all its contents for the sake of gaining absolute virtues from it.

Third: Revere the Al-Quran in our life, in line with its status as the word of Allah SWT that is filled with wisdom.

Allah SWT declared in surah Al-Isra’ verse 9: “Indeed, this Qur'an guides to that which is most suitable and gives good tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds that they will have a great reward.”
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