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Christmas Greetings of 2008

Christmas Greetings of 2008

It was about 11.30pm, Dec 24, 2008 when I started holding my HP and wrote SMS Christmas greetings to Christians friends. Last night, I emailed quite a number of Christmas E-Cards to friends all over, some were received earlier and some were rejected (maybe because the email address was not active or maybe the should be reciepent themselves had gone out of the world).

I actually stopped my writings to do this, as what I sent was an obligation to those friends who never missed wishing me during Malay and Muslims festivals.

As the SMS goes, and mentioned, some early thank you recieved, some hanged, some do some,aaahh whatever .. but 11:34:03pm reply is the one that got me stunned. I will not say or disclosed the sender's identity, but of course it came from the list I sent my emails and SMS. I was feeling strange though not surprised as it came from a very religious and should I say 'pious' person,who even go to the extend of a very far away 'church' to deepened understanding and thoughts on christianity.

But first, here is my greetings to them :

"When you light up the candle, light one up for me, let its bright and steady flame,remind u of my absent name,wiishing u a joyous Merry Christmas... me and family"..the balance is just 3 words left. Short,simple ....meaningful? I don't know, but it's the best I could think of ... kuang,kuang,kuang.

And now, the reply I get was this :

"Tq 4NewYr greetg.Pray God's blessgs on u2.V dont celebrate Xmas AFTER discoverg it s a demonic do.JESUS wasX born Dec-how can shepherds b in d field s its Winter?Go Google search- Search History of Christmas.Devil has brot in SantaClaus,Xmas tree 2defile CHRIST'NAME.Jesus Returng"

Sender:xxxxxxxxxxxx +xxxxxxxxxxx Sent:11:34:03pm 24-Dec-2008

Well,all this while I had been silent and a bit quite when I talked and disscused this with the "pious' person, as I don't want to offend things, and being older than me and further more , I am not that religious either, and I do pray that things will change.I can sense the understanding of the person and maybe as time goes ,the change will be for the better.Insyallah.

I cant write more at this moment,as I do need more time, readings, consultations to write back on this,insyaallah.

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